Since its foundation in the early 90ís, the RSEPL has grown exponentially. Projections for the next few years suggest the expansion is set to continue.
The back-story to our success is the growth of economy. Their demand for goods and services places an ever-growing demand on the nationís infrastructure, in terms of construction, power, water and transportation.
The Government has struggled to keep pace and, as a result, invited the private sector to contribute. The opening up of the energy and infrastructure markets is a huge opportunity for RSEPL. Our coal import and distribution activities are projected to increase four to 10 fold over the next decade.
The debate over the impact of fossil fuels has been reignited by the imminent approval of a power plant . Could advances in technology provide ways of capturing dangerous emissions and make coal safer?
  • Non-Coking Coal
  • We are leading supplier of non coking coal. Also offering coal for textile industry, coal for power industry, coal for paper industry and coal for steel industry. more
  • Coking Coal
  • Coking coal, prices of the coal variety and iron ore usually move in tandem, affected by increases in steel production or worries about economic growth. more
  • Pet Coke
  • Make the most of your operating budget. Let RSEPL PetCoke provide you with fuel alternatives that can save you money. more
  • Indian Coal (Coal India)
  • We import coal from India and distribute them all over Nepal, according to the demands and needs of the people with right amount. more
  • Meghalaya Coal
  • We are a coal distributing company and we own coal mines at meghalaya on investment, operation and coal sale contract. We have started evacuation and sale of coal. more
"RSEPL is one of our valued clients and has been associated with our bank since 2003. On the basis of our experience in working with the client, we believe that the company is reliable and financially sound."